Terms and Condition

Brief presentation of car rental conditions imposed by General Geosab Automotive Ltd:

Every client is asked to carefully read, then confirm acceptance of the car rental contract, along with signing it. He/she must meet all the terms and conditions set forth below. The car owner reserves the right to refuse to rent a car, without offering explanations.

Client’s Age:

Both the client and the designated drivers listed in the car rental contract must be at least 21 years old and also must hold a valid driving license, which ought to be older than 1 year of use.

Payment procedure:

All prices for car rentals are set in Euro and include VAT and insurance to third parties.

Cash payment is made in advance, in $, EUR or USD, at the exchange rate of the day of payment. In addition to this, clients also have the alternative to make the payment with their credit cards.

If the client is using a Visa card or Mastercard, he will also need to pay a commission of 2.5% euro, whereas if he owns an American Express card, he will have to pay 4.5% commission.

To ensure the delivery of the rental car chosen by the client, a guarantee of 200-800 Euros is necessary. The price of the guarantee is established depending on the rented car’s class.

If any damage occurs to the rented car, the customer will not receive back the warranty!

The customer will be delivered the chosen car in a proper estate, with all the functioning accessories that allow a pleasant and safe journey, according to the protocol handover signed on delivery date and location already indicated.  

Customer guarantee stops:


Fuel and oil:

The price of the rental car does not include the price of the fuel needed. The customer is required to pay for the fuel he uses.  The rental car is delivered with minimum ¼ diesel or petrol, and ought to be recovered in the same condition. When the client handles back the rented car, as in conformity with the regulations stipulated in the contract, he also must compensate the  missing quantity of fuel indicated on board, by calculating the difference. However, if this situation happens, the client will be discharged at a price of 1.5/ liter. The necessary oil and all the maintenance procedures for the rental vehicle are the duty of the car’s owner.

Restitution of car:

As for the rental car’s restitution, the client should respect the very time and location, which have been priory established, in conformity with the contract’s specifications, without costs or additional charges across Bucharest.

The delivery and the restitution of the rental car can be also made at any other locations found in the country, with the owner’s consent and based on a previous price.

The rental car will be delivered to the client in perfect conditions, in absence of any hidden or visible defects.

Any information related to the overall presentation of the rental car must appear in the text of the contract.
The customer will return the rented vehicle along with all its accessories and equipment at the place, date and time specified in the contact.

If the client announces his delay, he will not be charged any additional fees, for a period up to an hour.

If the client is late for up to three hours, then he will be asked to pay the equivalent of half a day car rental. For delays lasting longer than 3 hours, a fee representing the price of a usual day rental will be applied without exception, no matter the reason. The expiration date of the lease contract makes it void, if no other arrangement or agreement were made.

In case the client does not announce that he would like to postpone returning the rental car at a certain time, the car is going to be reported as stolen at the Police station.

Using the rented car:

The customer agrees to drive the rented vehicle, in conformity with the legal regulations on public roads. The car will only be driven on National and European roads and on properly marked roads. It is forbidden to drive the car on unpaved or unmarked country roads, in forests and on forest roads.

The client is obliged to:


Car rental insurances:

The car has got CASCO insurance with franchise, which costs between 200 and 800 euro.

The terms mentioned in the car insurance, in case of theft or accident, are valid only if the insurance comes accompanied by particular documents such as the following:

All these documents are mandatory, in order to certify a valid insurance and for all additional reparations needed.  The lack of these documents draws the client’s obligation to pay all the necessary reparations.

Traffic fines:

All traffic fines resulting from client’s failure to respect the Romanian law shall be borne by the client, including previously fines (e.g. radar, parking, etc.).

When all terms mentioned in the car rental contract have expired, SC Geosab Automotive SRL reserves the right to pick up the rented vehicle, even without the client’s consent.